Team EST

Paul Tolson's Lexus GS400 and RX450H
Paul Tolson's Lexus GS400 and RX450H. More info on build and vehicle modifications coming soon. Stay tuned!
Lexus IS 250 Fsport Turbo Wide Body
Justin Adam's Scion tC - Team EST. More information on vehicle build and modifications coming soon - stay tuned.    
Mark McKee - Team EST
More build info and vehicle modifications coming soon
Bennie Causby Jr's Scion xB
Bennie Causby Jr's Scion xB - Team EST. More info coming soon! Stay tuned for modifications list and much more.
Matthew Kaiser's Volvo S60
Matthew Kaiser's Volvo. More info on vehicle and modifications soon! Stay tuned.  
Mark Naylor's Lexus - Team EST
Mark Naylor's 1998 Lexus GS300. More information coming soon!

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