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Joey and Angela have been in the car culture scene for almost 30 years. They have helped give strenght to the Midweest making us strong in the lifestyle. That is why we covered their charity event, Cars and Toys for Tots, which went very well. Thank...
Another year at SEMA. There were some very nice builds this year. Here are a few pics. 
Kittie's Warriors is a beautifull, familly ran charity. They give light to cancer awaerness. Their courage comes from their Mother's/wife's fight with cancer. We will always give them our support. Please do the same. God Bless...
Recieved the VIP Treatment with Lexus at Mid-Ohio. Was able to drive on the track as well. Here are a few pics....
Jonna Smigel - Team EST Model
Jonna Smigel - Team EST Model
Importfest has stand the test of time. It is one of the best long running events that takes place in Toronto Canada. The venue is top notch along with the quality of cars. Here are some pics.    
Importfest Montreal
Photos from the Importfest Montreal.
Anna Kogut - Team EST Model
Anna Kogut - Team EST Model
Mark McKee - Team EST
More build info and vehicle modifications coming soon

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